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  Die-Casting Machines    
The performance of the carburetor depends upon accuracy and reliability of components.

Keihin Fie has invested in the state of the art high-pressure Die-Casting
machines to produce carburetor bodies. The dies are precision machined
and chemically treated to have longer life.
The machining line is designed exclusively for production of carburetor bodies, accurately positioned spindles, produce different types of carburetor at the click of a button.

These components are thoroughly checked with precision measurement equipments such as CMM and concentricity checking equipment by
in-house trained engineers and constant feedback is given to the line
for maintaining centrality of dimensions.
  Flow Stand (bench)    
The flow stand is designed to simulate the vehicle,engine conditions and
tests done to confirm carburetor assemblies, as per the agreed parameters with the each customer.
  Assembly Lines    
Highly automated and flexible assembly lines are well laid out to give
reliable products, with built-in checks, so that the product can directly
go to the customer assembly lines.
  Effluent Treatment Plant    
All this investment is supplemented by the installation of an effluent treatment plant.

This state of the art effluent treatment plant ensures that no toxic wastes are released into the atmosphere.

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